Lipo ​Cavi 


Photorejuvenation devices use multiple wavelengths of light to treat aging, reddened, sun damaged and rosacea-affected skin. The multiple wavelengths of light penetrate to different layers of the skin, helping to lighten blotchy pigmentation, shrink blood vessels, and stimulate the natural production of collagen.

We have several different Photorejuvenation devices available to better ‘personalize’ each treatment according to the particular condition and the clients tolerance for down-time. Each Photorejuvenation device has a built-in cooling mechanism that greatly reduces the amount of heat felt with each pulse, offering improved comfort during the treatment. Large areas of skin such as the entire face, neck, chest, and arms can be treated. Although generally well tolerated, these treatments can sometimes leave the skin pink and slightly puffy, with the possibility of bruising. Freckles typically turn darker immediately following treatment, but will then peel off within a few days. Makeup can be applied immediately after treatment, so there could be little or no evidence that a treatment was even performed.

Sometimes the skin will be a bit blotchy after the first treatment; it is important to plan on at least three treatments for optimal results. The use of sunscreen is always very important, but especially after an Photorejuvenation treatment. The skin will be very sun-sensitive for several weeks after each treatment so it is important to protect your skin.