Lipo ​Cavi 

               Permanent Makeup

Eye Brows
Properly placed and perfectly shaped eyebrows are achieved by analyzing your face, bone structure, skin and hair. Great enhancement to your beauty!
Color Fill-in: This softer look will eliminate or minimize the routine of using pencil or powder.
Hair Stroke Simulation: This will create the illusion of natural eyebrow hair.

Eyelash Enhancement: Pigment placed between the lashes. This adds the volume and illusion of fuller lashes.
Soft Eyeliner: Softer colors with a shaded look.
Bold Eyeliner: This is a great alternative to pencil or liquid liner.

Perfectly applied, beautiful and constant lip color will give your lips more fullness and definition, as well as correct an uneven lip line if necessary. This enhancement can minimize the appearance of wrinkles and can be used as a substitute to today’s fillers.
Lip Liner: Thin outline of the lips.
Shaded Lip Liner: Lip liner with color blended in.
Full Lips: Fill in your lips with color.

Who benefits?
Everyone who desires to enhance their appearance! Having permanent makeup is elegant and convenient. It does not smear or disappear!