Lipo ​Cavi 

​                            Peels 

Vino Peel 

​This peel smooths away impurities and roughness with pure wine based acids, delivering immediate luminosity and ensuring clean, comfortable, smooth skin.

Alpha Beta Peel

The Alpha Beta Peel's powerful disinfecting formula penetrates the hydro-lipo barrier, exfoliates dead skin cells, excess sebum and pore blockages while regulating pH levels. The Peel combats blemish causing bacteria, increases skin's immunity to harmful environmental elements, increases cell turnover and Collagen production to achieve optimal results.

Red Wine Peel

​Red Wine Peel exfoliates skin, combats free radicals and increases blood flow. Reduces fine lines, tightens and maintains skin hydration while lightening hyperpigmentation.

Herbal Deep Peel

​The Sea Herbal Deep Peel and Activator helps to peel and heal the skin. It creates bio-stimulation to promote easy dead cells removal without trauma. The herbal peel fights the signs of ageing by helping to improve the appearance of fine lines, evening skin tone and increasing collagen and cellular regeneration.

ProBiotic Peel

​​Probiotic Peel detoxifies the skin from pollutants, free radicals and damaging bacteria that cause premature aging.  Gently exfoliates without irritation and helps to strengthen skin for a more radiant and balanced complexion.

Light Rose Peel

Gently polishes the skin removing surface impurities. Green tea extract detoxifies the skin while rose petal extract conditions and enhances the skins softness.