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Licensed Esthetician, Body Contouring Expert, Licensed High Performance Massage Therapist, Nutritionist, Meditation Specialist, Personal Trainer, Fun Classes Instructor, Event Planner

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Many people think of aesthetic, cosmetic, and skin care as an investment in themselves as looking younger and more attractive is common desire. Improving one's looks results in a brighter outlook and a greater sense of well-being. 

​Aesthetic ~ Cosmetic ~ Skin Care 

Lipo Cavi is a full service skin care and body contouring center which offers the lastest techniques in skin restoration and body contouring, resulting in a younger and healthier looking skin and body. These techniques are effective in treating a multitude of skin conditions including environmentally damaged skin, hyperpigmentation and sensitive skin. Additional services in our skin care center include deep cleansing facials and acid peels provided by our best and most experienced licensed estheticians. Contouring the body and targeting the cellulite is done by our body sculpting specialist. When science and beauty meets. 

La Reine K
Med Spa Owner/Facial Rejuvenation & Body Contouring Specialist

"The business I built, for the body mind & soul, didn't come for the purpose of money. I ask myself why? And I know it's my passion to do something valuable."  

​Faces and bodies are what we do naturally. 


Face Lift ~ Eyelids ~ Brow Lift ~ Chin ~ Cheek Bones ~ Laser Resurfacing ~ Dermabrasion ~ Fillers ~ Hyperpigmentation ~ Skin Care Treatment ~ Wrinkles ~ Face Sculpting ~ Tighten Skin ~ Anti-Age ~ Body Contouring ~ Sculpting ~ Cellulite Reduction 

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